Definition of non-erotic in English:



  • Not relating to or arousing sexual desire or excitement.

    ‘non-erotic love’
    ‘a non-erotic film’
    • ‘It would be impossible for a non-erotic being or a person who lacked the appetite for food and drink fully to understand the value most of us attach to sex and to dining.’
    • ‘And much of it is pretty hard-core for a non-erotic film.’
    • ‘A naked body could be presented in a non-erotic way.’
    • ‘By having Mara on a quest to learn her life's lesson, there is actually a tale of non-erotic self-discovery here, where the character has to try to become a better person.’
    • ‘Sexual activity must strike the non-erotic being as perfectly grotesque.’
    • ‘But couples will typically also engage in daily 'bonding behaviours' - non-erotic skin-to-skin contact, gentle stroking and so forth.’
    • ‘This is why his nude self-portraits are all in bathrooms: only in the cleansing ritual is nudity non-erotic.’
    • ‘But where do you draw the line between erotic and non-erotic literature?’
    • ‘Even non-erotic "R" films show male nudity with increasing frequency.’
    • ‘An infrared eye-tracking camera was used to measure eye dilation while the subjects watched erotic or non-erotic videos.’