Definition of non-emotional in English:



  • Not having, showing, or inducing strong feelings.

    ‘the debate should be rational and non-emotional’
    • ‘I don't really think that I approach projects differently in terms of emotional or non-emotional content.’
    • ‘I got along fine with my buds in a nonemotional context, but something was awry, something not right.’
    • ‘The stressed emotional eaters ate more sweet, high-fat, energy-dense foods than did the unstressed non-emotional eaters.’
    • ‘I try to approach all submissions in a detached way to be businesslike and non-emotional, in so far as that is possible.’
    • ‘In a working memory task using nonemotional items, the moderately anxious participants recalled fewer words than did the low- and high-anxious participants.’
    • ‘Georgiana is self-absorbed yet strangely social; Eliza is frugal, non-emotional, quiet and anti-social.’
    • ‘Participants do a spontaneous monologue on a non-emotional topic, debate each other, and speak in front of one another.’
    • ‘People imbed many more images in their descriptions of emotional than of nonemotional past events.’
    • ‘The intellectual, nonemotional jazz was also called cool jazz as opposed to the hot jazz of the 1920s.’
    • ‘The artist has remained non-emotional since the beginning in describing this mythology.’
    • ‘Finding a book these days with a non-emotional, level-headed theme is like trying to find a needle in a haystack.’
    • ‘I've just read the excellent, factual, non-emotional cover story in your November/December issue.’
    • ‘They were able to provide an arm's length, non-emotional perspective that most coastal business owners lacked at the time.’
    • ‘The problem becomes one of saying what emotional behaviour consists of, and how it differs from non-emotional behaviour.’
    • ‘Unlike other breakups I've had, this one was distinctly non-emotional.’
    • ‘Dutch people are very direct, but in a non-emotional and non-personal way.’
    • ‘I recognised there were some everyday things that needed to be dealt with and I wanted to deal with them in a practical, non-emotional way.’
    • ‘After a long time an individual succeeded in gathering a huge crowd on a non-emotional subject.’
    • ‘Realistic, intelligent, fact based, non-emotional debate has become impossible.’
    • ‘Some like the non-emotional, classically paired-down performance, while ours is the more romantic approach.’
    unemotional, unsentimental, emotionless, impassive, nonchalant, cool, collected, calm, cool, calm, and collected, unruffled, unperturbed, composed, self-possessed, level-headed, self-controlled, temperate, sober, placid, equable, tranquil, serene, unexcitable, unflappable
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