Definition of non-emergency in English:



  • usually as modifier A situation that does not require immediate action, typically with regard to a person's health.

    ‘the hospital decided to cancel non-emergency procedures to free up all possible beds for patients in more urgent need’
    ‘for the most part, no special equipment needs to be provided for non-emergencies’
    • ‘Earlier this month the hospital was forced to shut its doors to non-emergencies because of lack of space.’
    • ‘Because of dangerous driving conditions, all state highways were closed to nonemergency vehicles starting at 1 p.m. Monday, the governor said in a statement.’
    • ‘The median waiting times were four weeks for specialist visits, 4.3 weeks for non-emergency surgery and three weeks for diagnostic tests.’
    • ‘To reduce ER use for non-serious conditions, policymakers have proposed denying payment if the patient's diagnosis upon discharge appears to reflect a nonemergency condition.’
    • ‘He said: "These new rules will help ensure members of the public calling the police for non-emergencies will get a consistently high standard of service."’
    • ‘A wide range of transport issues were discussed, including the matter of escorts in (non-emergency) patient transport ambulances.’
    • ‘The problem came in sorting out the emergencies from the non-emergencies.’
    • ‘I work for a non-emergency vet and we are set up with a business called Pet Rest and they handle all of the cremations.’
    • ‘So why does ambulance transport - emergency or non-emergency - cost so much?’
    • ‘If non-emergencies weren't directed to emergency wards it might not be so dire.’
    • ‘The teams can be contacted via the force's non-emergency telephone number.’
    • ‘Three non-emergencies were cancelled and a fourth operation was cancelled because the consultant was not available.’
    • ‘Yet there were many GP services available that should be used for non-emergencies, he said.’
    • ‘Under the governor's plan, the only co-pay the person would be charged would be $10 for using a hospital emergency room for a nonemergency problem.’
    • ‘The new theatre will be for routine or non-emergency orthopaedic patients.’
    • ‘Ambulance crews were asked to take non-emergencies to other hospitals.’
    • ‘Non-emergency surgery planned over the next few days had to be cancelled because of the blood donor crisis.’
    • ‘She said her partner was a miner and had told her that such boxes were often opened in non-emergencies, and could be left open.’
    • ‘Many communities have created outsized expectations by letting patients use E.R.s for non-emergencies.’
    • ‘Among people who waited for non-emergency surgery, 17 per cent considered their waiting times unacceptable.’