Definition of non-driver in English:



  • A person who does not or cannot drive a motor vehicle.

    • ‘We have spoken to a number of people, including non-drivers, who are similarly embarrassed by this situation.’
    • ‘As a non-driver Steve was still better than the rest of us, even when we put him on the ice-covered courses.’
    • ‘Or, maybe, on similar lines, the answer lies in the establishment of colonies of non-drivers just like you get cities just for old people in the US.’
    • ‘I think cities should be able to be enjoyed by drivers and non-drivers alike.’
    • ‘After all, his cabinet colleague at the transport ministry has just been revealed as a non-driver.’
    • ‘But it was the introduction of the breathalyser in 1967 that really thrust her into the public's consciousness, especially as she herself was a non-driver.’
    • ‘I can think of a dozen middle-aged non-drivers in my immediate circle of colleagues alone.’
    • ‘She is a non-driver and, if the post office closes, she would have to take her family all the way into Keighley.’
    • ‘Such a service would work both ways by enabling Sligo non-drivers to have an evening at the Point.’
    • ‘Though I have never been to Kenya, Africa, or India, the pictures and films I have seen of them tend to show large crowds of pedestrians and overflowing buses or cars: the proportion of drivers to non-drivers is low.’
    • ‘Jenny Evans and Hazel Parr who are on Prospect's staff will go with them as non-drivers.’
    • ‘And speaking as a non-driver who relies on public transport, whatever happened to that delightful idea of an ‘integrated transport policy’?’
    • ‘Last year the person who claimed the star prize in our Win A Car competition was also a non-driver - 71-year-old Hazel Horsley, from Strensall.’
    • ‘I should apologise, but I'm not going to - because if, like me, you're a non-driver and you live in London, the tube is still the primary way of getting around, and thus you're faced with its decaying and troublesome service every day.’
    • ‘The initiative should mean less congestion, less pollution, savings on petrol and parking and more transport options for non-drivers.’
    • ‘I'm sorry that this is of no use to non-drivers and to owners of dogs that don't do cars.’
    • ‘Cameras are there to protect everyone, drivers and non-drivers alike, by encouraging motorists to check their speed and keep within the limits.’
    • ‘From the perspective of the non-driver, it does seem as if there's an air of collective madness about car culture.’
    • ‘With the exception of the three non-drivers, and three who reported driving at the speed limit, all others reported driving at up to 10 km/h above the speed limit on a regular basis in suburban 50 km/h zones.’
    • ‘As a non-driver and heavy user of the Royal Mail, I am dependent on a post office being available in the village.’