Definition of non-dangerous in English:



  • Not likely to cause harm or injury.

    ‘a non-dangerous drug’
    ‘a non-dangerous sport’
    • ‘Non-violent and non-dangerous prisoners can be freed up to 135 days early if the prison governor agrees to their application.’
    • ‘Cattle are classed as a non-dangerous species and by and large are generally docile.’
    • ‘Students, for example, are constantly pestered to get tested for non-fatal, non-dangerous STIs such as chlamydia.’
    • ‘The waste products from fusion plants are short-lived, decaying to non-dangerous levels in a decade or two.’
    • ‘Sea kraits are usually of inoffensive disposition, they frequently do not attempt to bite even when caught and handled and are therefore considered non-dangerous.’
    • ‘She will be allowed to apply for an electronic tagging scheme which frees well-behaved, non-dangerous inmates up to 135 days early.’
    • ‘The current laws of football were not differentiating sufficiently between potentially dangerous and nondangerous tackles, and therefore, they were not providing players with an adequate level of protection from injury.’
    • ‘Non-dangerous offenders don't need to be warehoused in expensive prison cells.’
    • ‘It's bad enough with speed cameras sited in very obviously non-dangerous locations just in order to make money, without the prospect of speed limiters controlled by government.’
    • ‘There is a certain amount of logic in this proposal but wouldn't it be more simple to increase the speed restriction to 40 mph on the non-dangerous sections of road in question?’
    safe, innocuous, benign, gentle, mild, wholesome, non-toxic, non-poisonous, non-irritant, non-addictive
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