Definition of non-contributory in English:



  • 1(of a pension or pension scheme) funded by regular payments by the employer, not the employee.

    • ‘‘Contributory and non-contributory pensions are still very healthy, with companies paying up to 15 per cent contributions on behalf of the employee,’ said Bennett.’
    • ‘‘We have to be satisfied that people are not disposing of capital for the sole purpose of obtaining a non-contributory pension from the department,’ said the spokeswoman.’
    • ‘But in this job I qualified for a non-contributory pension scheme from the start, and if I work until I'm 65, it should be worth £100,000 on current predictions, and I can take up to half of that as a lump sum.’
    • ‘The bank also admitted it was aware of the problem with non-contributory pensions when it first launched the product in October 2000-even lobbying the government unsuccessfully to have the law changed.’
    • ‘Even in a non-contributory scheme, the employer's payments are not bounty.’
    1. 1.1 (of a state benefit) paid to eligible people regardless of how much tax or other contributions they have made.
      ‘non-contributory invalidity benefits’
      • ‘The reference to methods of funding in paragraph 14 of Smithson may indicate that the mere fact that a benefit is non-contributory does not mean that it falls outside the scope of the Directive.’