Definition of non-confrontational in English:



  • Tending to deal with situations calmly and diplomatically; not aggressive or hostile.

    ‘a non-confrontational approach to matrimonial disputes’
    • ‘I long ago decided not to debate such comments or only fleetingly make a passing remark in a non-confrontational manner.’
    • ‘We help people explore the prospect of treating their addiction in a non-confrontational style that they won't resent.’
    • ‘In any case, a loving, non-confrontational talk about your entire relationship is way overdue.’
    • ‘I think the format of the debate is very non-confrontational, you know, five minutes.’
    • ‘Such prudence contributed to a non-confrontational celebration - or in some cases lament - of 10 years of democracy.’
    • ‘The message, in white lettering on a sky-blue background, is nonconfrontational by design.’
    • ‘The letters require tactful, delicate, inoffensive, non-confrontational responses.’
    • ‘Both treatment conditions sought to be nonconfrontational, which is not how the 12-step approach is often applied.’
    • ‘His liking for non-confrontational politics looks like a clever sham, a neat way to duck under our perceptions.’
    • ‘By this time farmers had devised a plan to be non-confrontational.’
    • ‘The Lib Dems have a reputation for promoting a consensual, non-confrontational approach to politics.’
    • ‘Seriously, I think services like this are great for dealing with awkward situations in a harmless, non-confrontational way.’
    • ‘George hopes to achieve social equality by being non-confrontational.’
    • ‘Conversely, effective treatments all use some version of an empathic, nonconfrontational style.’
    • ‘Contentious issues were dealt with in a non-confrontational manner at a pastoral leaseholders forum held in Carnarvon at the weekend.’
    • ‘Despite the non-confrontational theme, police violently broke up the demonstration, brutally beating the students.’
    • ‘To ease the transition, Sass suggests discussing the changes you want to make in a nonconfrontational manner.’
    • ‘He was good at saying obvious, non-confrontational things.’
    • ‘Rather, Nicholson suggests expressing your feelings in a constructive, nonconfrontational way.’
    • ‘Second, Gates struck a scrupulously non-confrontational soft line towards China.’