Definition of non-compliant in English:



  • Failing to act in accordance with a wish or command.

    ‘non-compliant companies face legal action’
    ‘work which is non-compliant with building regulations’
    • ‘The possibility of psychosocial issues in noncompliant patients should not be overlooked.’
    • ‘Siptu will today also call on the Construction Industry Federation (CIF) to impose strict sanctions on non-compliant firms.’
    • ‘On Monday more than 100 labourers protested outside the Department of Justice calling for the jailing of non-compliant bosses.’
    • ‘Your operation has been evaluated to identify areas where you are noncompliant with the National Organic Program (NOP).’
    • ‘Conversely, only 26 percent of patients with a good alliance with their doctor were noncompliant.’
    • ‘In the meantime, Microsoft apparently would have to halt distribution of all non-compliant operating systems.’
    • ‘However, much higher isometric loads are probably induced with non-compliant patients or with accidental overuse.’
    • ‘Many log haulers may be operating non-compliant equipment purchased prior to October, 2002.’
    • ‘Operators who fail to comply will face fines, the disconnection of non-compliant machines or the ultimate sanction of expulsion from the system.’
    • ‘The literature is filled with recommendations to assist physicians with the management of noncompliant patients.’
    • ‘Parents need a method to influence their non-compliant kids throughout the year.’
    • ‘They are not going to let non-compliant patients take them down.’
    • ‘The netroots can also bring the force of sheer numbers to bear on a non-compliant politician, reporter, or media outlet.’
    • ‘They also use encryption to prevent access by non-compliant devices.’
    • ‘The issue of Nitrates stands out, with nearly one in five farmers visited being non-compliant in some way.’
    • ‘The United Nations Security Council resolution does not include an option for an opposed boarding or a non-compliant boarding.’
    • ‘The first solution is clear: non-compliant companies need to start paying for the recycling of the packaging waste they put on the market.’
    • ‘A facility owner will still have the option to file a negligence claim against the architect of a noncompliant facility.’
    • ‘Instead of asking why patients are non-compliant, future anthropologically oriented research should study why patients comply in the first place.’
    • ‘Import regulations would be needed to prevent entry of noncompliant devices.’