Definition of non-committal in English:



  • Not expressing or revealing commitment to a definite opinion or course of action.

    ‘her tone was non-committal, and her face gave nothing away’
    • ‘And at Church House, the Church of England's Westminster headquarters, a spokesman was less concise - but just as non-committal.’
    • ‘Most of them, I believe, are altogether vaguer, more non-committal, not so much insisting on the reality of heaven as refusing to believe in the finality of death.’
    • ‘Even after months of debate, the statement was vague and perplexingly non-committal on whether war would be justified.’
    • ‘Mr Brennan said he was aware of this, but he remained non-committal.’
    • ‘Asked what has changed since then, O'Neill's non-committal response spoke volumes.’
    • ‘According to the report, Lord Paul was, however, non-committal on whether he would invest in Punjab.’
    • ‘‘He has asked my opinion on the proposals being developed and I was non-committal,’ he said.’
    • ‘It is one of the most non-committal responses on record.’
    • ‘The party, though, was non-committal on restoring the wages and benefits of the hospital workers.’
    • ‘The verdict from Monash University chair of linguistics Kate Burridge is that the apparently non-committal expression will stick around.’
    • ‘She did not speak unless spoken to, and even then her answers were short and non-committal.’
    • ‘Lau was non-committal when asked whether he was being boycotted by the group, but agreed that reconciliation with the central government was a touchy issue.’
    • ‘Many walkers were non-committal about the decision.’
    • ‘I smile and say something innocuously non-committal.’
    • ‘When contacted yesterday, Paul was non-committal.’
    • ‘While they agree it needs to be fixed, they remain non-committal on when.’
    • ‘He was non-committal about the bylaw banning windscreen washers.’
    • ‘Henry was non-committal on the chances of Andrew Hall.’
    • ‘If he feels he's facing an uninterested or hostile audience, he will be vague, non-committal and withdrawn.’
    • ‘He said, ‘Now we must fight together against the Russians,’ and I gave him some non-committal answer.’
    prevaricate, give nothing away, play one's cards close to one's chest, straddle an issue, dodge the issue, dodge the question, sidestep the issue, hedge, fence, pussyfoot, beat about the bush, equivocate, temporize, shilly-shally, vacillate, waver
    hum and haw
    duck the question, sit on the fence
    evasive, equivocal, temporizing, guarded, circumspect, reserved
    cautious, wary, careful, prudent
    discreet, unrevealing, uncommunicative, politic, tactful, diplomatic, vague
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