Definition of non-combative in English:



  • Not ready or inclined to fight or argue.

    ‘a non-combative approach proven to help governments gradually reach consensus’
    • ‘Ask him straight-up in a non-combative way if he really likes her.’
    • ‘The premise was to transport players back in time to Ancient Egypt, where they would work together in a creative, non-combative environment following the seven disciplines of man.’
    • ‘The non-combative approach has rubbed off on MPs from both main parties.’
    • ‘Game play is non-combative - there's no way to destroy what someone else builds.’
    • ‘Collaborative lawyers are trained in collaborative, non-combative resolution techniques.’
    • ‘He was always polite and non-combative towards Connolly, as he has been to most of his guests over the years.’
    • ‘The dashed hopes have led some to question the non-combative route taken by Roy.’
    • ‘These forums are the traditional, non-combative way that the Dawson City Chamber of Commerce has chosen to handle candidate's meetings.’
    • ‘One of the reasons that he is so cool and non-combative is that he learned to deal with this teasing culture.’
    • ‘Most problems and difficulties can be sorted out if a priest and his parishioners sit down in an accepting, non-judgmental and non-combative context and see what, with a bit of give and take, can be worked out.’
    • ‘She was gentle and non-combative, as if she had been injected with the genes of a tabby cat.’
    • ‘He leaned against the desk, his posture casual and non-combative.’
    • ‘We made a conscious decision to go with a noncombative, cooperative approach.’
    peace-loving, unwarlike, non-belligerent, non-violent, non-aggressive, conflict-free, easy, easy-going, placid, gentle, meek, mild, inoffensive, good-natured, even-tempered, amiable, amicable, friendly, affable, genial, civil, cooperative, conciliatory, pacific, pacifist, anti-war, dovelike, dovish
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