Definition of non-classified in English:



  • (of information, documents, etc.) not designated as officially secret; freely available.

    ‘non-classified government data’
    • ‘Since he began work in November, Catudal has established about 4,000 non-classified accounts and about 2,000 classified ones.’
    • ‘Since 1994, non-classified records from MI5 have been released to the National Archives.’
    • ‘And he allegedly hacked into more than 90 non-classified U.S. government systems, mostly military, over the past year and a half.’
    • ‘We know that Infinite Reductions was examined and cleared by the United States as non-classified.’
    • ‘In a written statement the Foreign Ministry said that the suggestion that the servicing terminal is abroad was false, and that in any case the satellite channels were used for relaying only non-classified information.’