Definition of non-church in English:



  • attributive Not relating to or belonging to the Christian Church.

    ‘non-church institutions’
    ‘people from a non-church background’
    • ‘The company will revise its statutes to allow workers to sit on management committees and allow non-church leaders to become members of the board of directors.’
    • ‘Several non-church members also trickled onto the church yard the first afternoon, perhaps drawn by the music, or perhaps they had heard about the free clinic beforehand.’
    • ‘Residents are also angry that the extension, costing up to £300,000, will be paid for by selling the parish hall, which is regularly used for non-church community activities.’
    • ‘I don't particularly care what non-Church members say about internal Church affairs.’
    • ‘Our church is now being revitalized as a catalyst to bring a community - church or non-church people - together.’
    • ‘The Filling Station is categorically NOT a Church; it exists to strengthen the local churches by providing a monthly mid-week evening celebration in non-church venues.’
    • ‘Now, we are a church team playing in a non-church league.’
    • ‘The majority of people who come from a non-Church background into active membership do so because they have found a Christian way of life in a particular fellowship of Christians.’
    • ‘They were married by a celebrant and, incidentally, it's the first non-church wedding I've ever been to.’
    • ‘We find non-church people of goodwill are delighted to give, Keith continues.’