Definition of non-chemical in English:



  • Not containing or involving the use of artificial chemicals.

    ‘non-chemical forms of weed and pest control’
    ‘non-chemical sunblocks like zinc oxide’
    • ‘These microbes are the key to non-chemical methods of turf maintenance.’
    • ‘Scientists in Nova Scotia, partly because of their agricultural background, also tended to doubt the efficacy of spraying, preferring non-chemical approaches to insect control.’
    • ‘More money would help agencies such as the World Health Organisation to expand the use of non-chemical measures against malaria.’
    • ‘Our program is investigating non-chemical methods of controlling common crop pests in these areas.’
    • ‘At least one company says that it offers a non-chemical program for all aspects of cooling tower water treatment.’
    • ‘Use non-chemical pest control strategies where possible.’
    • ‘This non-chemical pesticide is essential to organic and conventional farmers throughout the country.’
    • ‘All cancer research scientists should also have to spend a major part of their time on non-chemical, non-genetic treatments or environmental causes of cancer.’
    • ‘When making stamps at home, a chemical or non-chemical process can be used.’
    • ‘The course examines the specifics of weed management and related control strategies, including non-chemical methods.’
    • ‘He teaches classes in meditation as a technique for the non-chemical control of chronic pain.’
    • ‘Vegetarianism, frequently a part of the Back to Land movement, recognized that the best tasting, highest quality food was grown in a natural, non-chemical environment.’
    • ‘Effective non-chemical remedies include the essential oils from plants such as lemongrass, eucalyptus, cypress, lavender, rosemary and thyme.’
    • ‘Listed below are some of the non-chemical straighteners that I am currently aware of for naturally curly hair.’
    • ‘Sixty-eight per cent of the total agricultural land available in India is believed to be under de facto non-chemical farming.’
    • ‘Yoga and meditation have become popular in today's culture as healthy, non-chemical alternatives to drugs.’
    • ‘Much of the interest in the U. S. and elsewhere is beginning to focus on low-input or non-chemical farming systems.’
    • ‘Cosmetics-wise, you can purchase anything from herbal toothpaste to non-chemical hair dye.’
    • ‘To keep his milk house clean, he uses hydrogen peroxide and an organic non-chemical cleaner.’
    • ‘A very good non-chemical way of fighting depression is exercise.’
    pesticide-free, additive-free, chemical-free, natural
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