Definition of non-Catholic in English:



  • Not Roman Catholic.

    • ‘They also consulted widely with non-Catholic observers and theological experts, many of whom were also active in drafting council documents.’
    • ‘Fellows would be drawn from across the academic spectrum, and from Catholic and non-Catholic universities alike.’
    • ‘What immediate impact will this statement have on Catholic hospitals, for both Catholic and non-Catholic patients?’
    • ‘Interestingly, many of these are not the Protestant academies of old but independent Roman Catholic schools with large numbers of non-Catholic pupils.’
    • ‘Among non-Catholic Hispanics, the majority are evangelical Christians.’


  • A person who is not a Roman Catholic.

    • ‘And it is obvious that the Church cannot ‘command’ that non-Catholics listen to it or, for that matter, compel Catholics to listen.’
    • ‘It also helped me to appreciate the pain many non-Catholics feel in not normally being able to receive Communion in a Catholic Church.’
    • ‘I am sympathetic to the Catholic priests who are critical of non-Catholics presenting themselves as Catholics.’
    • ‘There are extraordinary pastoral circumstances in which it is permitted to commune non-Catholics.’
    • ‘With this of course non-Catholics are excluded from belonging to the Church.’