Definition of non-black in English:



  • (of a person) not black.

    • ‘With this in mind, non-black social and welfare workers are increasingly being educated on issues previously outside the scope of importance for many agencies.’
    • ‘By contrast, non-black males died of heart disease nearly twice as often as their counterparts.’
    • ‘Both Taylor and Parson use non-black dancers in their companies, which further affects the Afro-Caribbean dynamic by layering in diverse training and ethnic backgrounds.’
    • ‘From the 1960s onwards, the blues became a central ingredient of the universal world of commercial popular music; at present it is cultivated by non-black musicians throughout Europe and in parts of Asia as well as North America.’
    • ‘The frequency of use of complementary care varied somewhat among sociodemographic groups, with the highest use reported by non-black persons from 25 to 49 years of age who had relatively more education and higher incomes.’
    • ‘Most black South Africans still vote for it, but they expect rapid action to narrow the shocking gap between their living standards and those of the non-black minorities.’
    • ‘Black feminism has engaged issues across the black political spectrum and has formed alliances with non-black progressives.’
    • ‘‘In fact, the black boys who do the best are the ones with non-black friends,’ he says.’
    • ‘During non-black programs such food ads made up only 14 percent and 2 percent respectively.’
    • ‘Most African Americans have non-black ancestors in their family line and we grow up knowing it.’
    • ‘Black heart failure patients received no benefit from bucindolol, while non-black patients treated with the drug lived longer.’
    • ‘The main reason is the equity ratio, disallowing many of the country's non-black applicants to study in their field of choice.’
    • ‘The savviest booksellers in black communities nationwide also carry titles of interest by non-black authors.’
    • ‘Nationally, over 13 percent of black adult males are denied the right to vote, compared to 4 percent of non-black males.’
    • ‘Lewis finds evidence in eighteenth-century caste paintings, in which the children of black mothers and non-black fathers were considered less black than their mothers.’
    • ‘Later, in the 1970s, the affirmative action agenda broadened to include women and non-black minorities.’
    • ‘On the issue of whether ‘we’ and ‘our’ are appropriate words to describe blacks in a workbook that will be read by non-black students, I'm not quite sure what Mr. Williams' position is.’
    • ‘Others were included based on ‘white’ skin such as non-black Hispanics.’
    • ‘A study of the criminal system in Philadelphia found that if the perpetrator was black and the victim was non-black this was the combination most likely to give rise to the death sentence.’
    • ‘Using him to describe this track negates blues musicians, as you have cited someone who has ripped off blues musicians to further his own sagging career - which is typical of non-black artists who co-opt certain genres as their own.’
    • ‘He seems to be suggesting they are non-black and non-Indian, that they are white.’


  • A person who is not black.

    • ‘Since the two main components are generally similar for blacks and non-blacks, we sum the cause-of-death rates that load positively on each dimension in both populations to create a measure of each dimension's strength.’
    • ‘Furthermore, the indexes fashioned allow comparisons of relative well-being between, say, males and females or blacks and non-blacks.’
    • ‘They also experience difficulty in talking about their problems, especially to non-blacks.’
    • ‘Not only do African Americans flavor English, non-blacks approve and adopt their alterations.’
    • ‘Rates for non-blacks were substantially lower, with only 18 percent of the general population reporting a racial or ethnic insult and 11 percent a physical threat or attack.’
    • ‘Apparently Jackson was the first black person to successfully market music to non-blacks, claims Howe.’
    • ‘Kaestner finds evidence in support of these hypotheses for non-blacks, but not for blacks.’
    • ‘The South Africans said the conference had gone adrift and they could not endorse the decision to exclude non-blacks.’
    • ‘The times in later years I saw Charles in concert, there were always as many, if not more, whites and non-blacks, than blacks in the audience.’
    • ‘But, in a spirit of reconciliation and harmony let me say this to the 40,000 non-blacks in our cosy nation.’
    • ‘Viewers could plainly see that many of those looting and burning were non-blacks.’
    • ‘Moreover, while the holiday may have originally been created for blacks, non-blacks can and do celebrate it, just as they do Chinese New Year.’
    • ‘Legions of rebellious young blacks, and non-blacks, happily shovel out colossal dollars to revel in this image.’
    • ‘But what the data shows us is that the difference between blacks and non-blacks is not that significant because 50 per cent of the population is under 25 years old.’
    • ‘Nonetheless, the workbook was not written with non-blacks in mind.’