Definition of non-belligerence in English:



  • See non-belligerent

    • ‘So strong was the latter consideration that Mussolini preferred to talk of Italian ‘non-belligerence’ and not of neutrality, which was considered a sign of weakness.’
    • ‘A shamefaced request to Berlin for the eighteen million tons of strategic raw materials ostensibly needed before Italy could fight excused Mussolini's decision to announce Italy's ‘non-belligerence’.’
    • ‘The neutrality or ‘non-belligerence’ of all these states was swept away by Hitler's seemingly unstoppable tide of victories in 1940 and 1941.’
    • ‘International observers have been more successful once peace or non-belligerence has been established.’
    • ‘These traits of radical innocence and non-belligerence get him into plenty of trouble in the course of the story.’