Definition of non-automatic in English:



  • (of a device) operated by human control, rather than automatically or electronically.

    ‘the level crossing is a non-automatic, fully gated type’
    • ‘Here we tackle our first non-automatic locks (with strong-arm tactics) and cruise upstream between banks of willow herb, yellow water lilies and ragwort.’
    • ‘The side entrance, where you can easily leave a car while you go fetch your luggage, involves a long, narrow corridor with non-automatic doors and stairs.’
    • ‘If it were up to me, mathematics, cold-calling, my daughter's current headmistress and non-automatic cars would be outlawed entirely.’
    • ‘The commissioner's office issues licenses for certain specified non-automatic guns.’
    • ‘Pistols are not covered in the agreement and neither are non-automatic, long-barrelled weapons such as a shotgun or a hunting rifle.’
    hand-operated, hand
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