Definition of non-attendance in English:



mass noun
  • Failure to attend or be present at a place where you are expected to be.

    ‘pupils' non-attendance at school’
    • ‘But my daughter obviously saw my non-attendance as weak and selfish - as a sign that I had lost the family faith.’
    • ‘Often students were profoundly demotivated by their perception that many clinical teachers had a low level of commitment to teaching, and this led to a repetitive cycle of non-attendance by students and teachers alike.’
    • ‘Pupils attending the centre are either temporarily or permanently out of school as a result of illness, pregnancy, exclusion, non-attendance or special needs.’
    • ‘The President, Alexander, doesn't insist everyone attend, but non-attendance divides the camp.’
    • ‘After a month, they took this register to the District Board, showed them proof of the teacher's non-attendance and managed to get him transferred.’
    • ‘Yet despite highly publicised anti-truancy initiatives - which have even included telephone hotlines urging the public to report truanting pupils - non-attendance still remains at crisis point.’
    • ‘Nearly 40 parents were prosecuted for their child's non-attendance.’
    • ‘In principle, more sophisticated models could take into account factors such as bed blockage, staff availability, emergency admissions, and non-attendance and could support decisions about how best to operate a booking system.’
    • ‘Recent scandals are also cited as a reason for non-attendance, and I imagine that they also are part of the story.’
    • ‘For most, non-attendance was not even an option, and the evening's master of ceremonies, Sal Masakela, summed up this sentiment eloquently as he made his way upstairs from the red carpet.’
    • ‘Lack of transport, often because the older person is no longer fit to drive, is frequently cited as a reason for non-attendance at the numerous social activities that are potentially available in most localities.’
    • ‘Prosecutions over non-attendance are usually only against ‘persistent long-term absenteeism,’ the spokesman said.’
    • ‘Throughout the period of non-attendance there was close contact between the Education Welfare Officer and the respondents.’
    • ‘Mr Hornsby said: ‘It starts them off in good habits and there are various sanctions for repeated non-attendance.’’
    • ‘Furthermore in 1614 the Lord Deputy, Sir Arthur Chichester, received instructions from London that he was to proceed against the Catholics for non-attendance at Protestant services with all possible severity.’
    • ‘Chairman Councillor Elaine Byrom told the meeting she received a call from Mr Garland on Friday warning of their non-attendance.’
    • ‘This decision shows how seriously non-attendance is being taken.’
    • ‘Children with poor attendance can end up with a minus number of points for persistent non-attendance and poor behaviour.’
    • ‘Despite his non-attendance, he is still entitled to a basic allowance of £2,536 per annum plus travel expenses.’
    • ‘She also said too many parents were condoning school non-attendance and allowing their children to take time out of the classroom.’
    non-appearance, absenteeism
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