Definition of non-appearance in English:



mass noun
  • Failure to appear or be present, especially at a gathering or engagement or in a court of law.

    ‘insure against everything from salmonella poisoning to a speaker's non-appearance’
    • ‘The five judges of the South Jakarta District Court used Suharto's third non-appearance last week to throw out the indictment.’
    • ‘Also, his non-appearance in the 200m final, followed by talk of his participation in the lucrative Golden League meet in Brussels a week later, raised doubts about the slight hamstring injury he is reported to have sustained.’
    • ‘After his reply to Mrs. Pagnel's letter following Aunty Linda's funeral, and his non-appearance at that event, I just assumed I would never see my father again.’
    • ‘Mr Woodward's reason for non-appearance on the day the case was due to start was, to my mind, inadequate and remains inadequate.’
    • ‘Later, he went to the emergency room after he said he fell, and he was forced to rush back to court wearing pyjama bottoms when the judge threatened to have him arrested for non-appearance.’
    • ‘Combined with Hyypia's non-appearance in the second half, it was just the tonic United needed to rouse themselves, and they emerged in the second half with a point to prove and three to earn.’
    • ‘He said his non-appearance at the tribunal in July was due to a misunderstanding.’
    • ‘He said by his non-appearance, he meant no disrespect to the court and does not know what his next move would be, since the time limit for filing charges against Rowley has expired.’
    • ‘He was therefore taken by surprise at the non-appearance of his legal representation and had no opportunity to either obtain alternative legal representation or to conduct his own case after preparation.’
    • ‘He didn't go so far as to blame their non-appearance on begrudgery, but he didn't have to.’
    • ‘His helpers, wearing bright yellow jackets, tinsel and antlers, carried on through the streets of Welling as best they could but onlookers could not help but be disappointed at his non-appearance.’
    • ‘Hugo Duncan extends his apologies to all his fans for his non-appearance at The Lord Bagenal Inn on Wednesday, August 10 due to having missed a ferry connection on return to Ireland from his English tour.’
    • ‘Visitation centre workers' complaints about cancelled visits or non-appearance were conveyed to Mr. Lee.’
    • ‘Cancellation of an event and non-appearance of performers or abandonment are the main risk factors.’
    • ‘Other Fringe directors agreed that Lowe's non-appearance was damaging.’
    • ‘Obviously upset at the last minute non-appearance of Gantley, Galway looked to be in total disarray in the opening sequences watched by an attendance of 8,321.’
    • ‘This fact did not prevent the Evening Times on Wednesday giving over the majority of their back page to the 22-year-old's non-appearance in the Scottish Cup final.’
    • ‘However a significant number of cases had to be adjourned because of the non-appearance of defendants.’
    • ‘The reason for the non-appearance of the applicants appears in an affidavit which has been filed in this Court.’
    • ‘League secretary Bob Shackleton was mystified by the player's non-appearance.’
    non-attendance, absenteeism
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