Definition of non-aligned in English:



  • 1Not aligned with something else.

    • ‘A small number of non-aligned figures has already emerged; there may be more before polling day.’
    • ‘Dreadlocks symbolise rebellion - being unconventional and non-aligned.’
    • ‘Swinscoe has escaped his influences and marked out his own genus of non-aligned spiritual music.’
    • ‘We trust that non-aligned veterans will see their way clear to show support and strength and march this year with us.’
    • ‘Factional negotiations often assume that a faction ‘owns’ a particular seat, and that the election of a non-aligned candidate is an anomaly.’
    • ‘Laurie Ebert is one of a very small number of financial planners who - while charging a commission - says he is determinedly non-aligned.’
    • ‘These gangs were later joined by the 26, who added more pressure to the authorities and non-aligned inmates.’
    • ‘There are three non-aligned convenors in this body of five.’
    • ‘The result, to every non-aligned observer, was obvious.’
    • ‘If, like many local voters, you are considering not bothering to vote on May 1 precisely for the reasons I have laid out, I urge you to think again and consider voting for an independent or non-aligned candidate.’
    • ‘Both countries have clout within the African, Arab, and non-aligned groups.’
    • ‘One of the strengths of the Police Association has always been that it has remained politically non-aligned.’
    • ‘After this meeting, there were private discussions with some guesthouse owners and, hearteningly, some non-aligned farmers.’
    • ‘Asked about England's chances this non-aligned observer has only two words left: why not?’
    • ‘His departure left bitterness among his local supporters and the allegations which he still faces alarmed party supporters, opponents and non-aligned voters alike.’
    • ‘That strikes me as a very accurate picture of contemporary American culture: the intellectuals, like Harold Bloom and the late Susan Sontag, are all avowedly non-professional and non-aligned.’
    • ‘Since October 1, parts manufacturers who supply original equipment to the car makers are free to sell those same parts under their own brand names to non-aligned repair shops and distribute them as they see fit.’
    • ‘The broad consequence of an endless spotlight on novelty has, of course, been a corresponding neglect of individualistic but non-aligned art and artists.’
    • ‘I write as a non-aligned Londoner who temporarily lives and works near Edinburgh, and who likes it very much.’
    • ‘Perhaps only the non-aligned can bring themselves to believe that encounters billed as the most important in the Scottish season do not actually amount to much in the scheme of things.’
    neutral, impartial, non-partisan, uninvolved, unallied, unattached, unaffiliated, uncommitted, floating, independent
    sitting on the fence
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    1. 1.1 Relating to a state in the Non-Aligned Movement:
      ‘India's non-aligned policy’
      • ‘These new commitments were all the more remarkable for their achievement under the presidency of one the EU's four non-aligned member states.’
      • ‘All of those tactics have been used by protestors against US-flagged aircraft I flew into non-aligned countries.’
      • ‘Currently South Africa has taken this leadership role and Canada must do more to complement the emerging drive of non-aligned countries.’
      • ‘There have been enormous changes, and still the official line of Austria is that we are militarily a non-aligned country.’
      • ‘An independent foreign policy, let alone the idea that we might become part of a non-aligned bloc in world affairs, has never had much purchase here, our nuclear-free status notwithstanding.’