Definition of nomogram in English:


(also nomograph)


  • A diagram representing the relations between three or more variable quantities by means of a number of scales, so arranged that the value of one variable can be found by a simple geometrical construction, e.g. by drawing a straight line intersecting the other scales at the appropriate values.

    ‘in calculating dosage we encourage the use of a nomogram that takes account of age, sex, renal function, and body weight’
    • ‘Calculations use standard equations, tables, or nomograms.’
    • ‘The appropriate degree of adjustment may be helped by nomograms or computer algorithms.’
    • ‘A nomograph was widely used in engineering and in industry.’
    • ‘The beauty of nomograms is that one can lay a straight line (or, as is suggested, a piece of string) from a value on one side to a value on the other, and read off the result from the graph.’
    • ‘These calculations are derived from the patient's preoperative evaluation and converted mathematically into an individual nomogram.’
    chart, diagram, grid
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Early 20th century: from Greek nomos ‘law’ + -gram.