Definition of nomination in English:



mass noun
  • 1The action of nominating or state of being nominated.

    ‘women's groups opposed the nomination of the judge’
    count noun ‘the film received five nominations’
    • ‘The star of the show will accept his party's nomination one week from tonight.’
    • ‘Margulies received a Golden Globe nomination for her role in the TNT original film The Mists Of Avalon.’
    • ‘Elizabeth Taylor did not receive an Academy award nomination for Three Faces of Eve.’
    • ‘However, it does not explain the popular acceptance, and even acclaim, his nomination has so far received.’
    • ‘We begin tonight with the president's nomination of Judge John Roberts to the Supreme Court.’
    • ‘He was only the second Catholic to receive the presidential nomination.’
    • ‘John Kerry of Massachusetts will accept the party's presidential nomination.’
    • ‘He was a candidate for the Republican Presidential nomination in 2000.’
    • ‘It's time for the Senate to release him from legal limbo and give his nomination a final vote by simple majority.’
    • ‘Which, needless to say, could make him a hot prospect for the GOP presidential nomination.’
    • ‘To be eligible for nomination before parliament a presidential hopeful must first be endorsed by at least one third of its members.’
    • ‘Four years ago, he made the same promise in Philadelphia as he accepted his party's nomination there.’
    • ‘American actor Don Cheadle received a best actor nomination for his role as Paul Rusesabagina.’
    • ‘The race for the Democratic presidential nomination is becoming more nasty.’
    • ‘It was a very interesting evening and for the five candidates seeking nomination, a tense evening.’
    • ‘Banderas received a Tony Award nomination and a Drama Desk Award for his Broadway debut in 2003 in Nine.’
    • ‘I'm not going to name names yet, but this will be his second Oscar nomination in the last five years.’
    • ‘In the US, Howard Dean, a candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination is also participating in a blog.’
    • ‘Russell Crowe received a Best Actor nomination for the third year in a row for A Beautiful Mind.’
    • ‘The Democratic Party candidates for the presidential nomination held their final debate in Iowa Sunday night.’
    selection, choosing, choice, voting in, election, electing, naming, nominating, designation, designating, appointment, appointing
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    1. 1.1count noun A person or thing nominated.
      ‘send your nominations in by 30th November’
      • ‘Using the entry form printed here, send us your nominations for community heroes who are making a difference.’
      • ‘I have made various predictions about nominations and likely winners before.’
      • ‘As I've pointed out, these lists are selected from nominations submitted by readers.’
      • ‘A total of 16 projects in the Yorkshire and Humber area have been selected from hundreds of nominations.’
      • ‘Send your nominations for the Customer Care Award on the coupon printed below.’
      • ‘A panel of judges is lined up to look at all the nominations before selecting the winners in ten categories.’
      • ‘This year's Hugo Award nominations are out, and I'm reminded once again of just how far behind I am on my reading.’
      • ‘As part of the campaign, the Evening Press is asking for your nominations for York's real community champions.’
      • ‘Despite his greatest hits package selling well, there is no place for the Robster amongst the nominations this year.’
      • ‘Presenter Paul Ross asked viewers for nominations at the end of last year.’
      • ‘An official national list of candidate nominations will be released this afternoon.’
      • ‘Please send us your suggestions and nominations for the leader of this international campaign to promote medicine.’
      • ‘All nominations must be sent in to Jo Gilliland, Mill House, North Street, York.’
      • ‘Our panel of adjudicators now have the arduous task of selecting a winner from the long list of nominations.’
      • ‘A panel of senior staff considers nominations for the award, which come from Time's readers and editors alike.’
      • ‘Thanks very much to all who sent nominations and to those who spread the word.’
      • ‘After that they sent out a request for nominations for regional directors.’
      • ‘Would-be candidates have until July 25 to submit nominations for the post of party leader.’
      • ‘Please remember that the Australia Day awards are based on nominations sent in by the general public.’
      • ‘There's less than a month to go - so it is time to send in your nominations for our Community Pride awards.’