Definition of nominal value in English:

nominal value


  • 1The value that is stated on a coin or note; face value.

    • ‘The nominal value of each note was £25M and each note was redeemable on 15 December 1995.’
    • ‘Fixing the value of money depended upon correlating the quantity of precious metal in the coin with its nominal value.’
    • ‘Two commemorative gold and silver coins, with a nominal value of CHF 20 and 50, will be specially issued by the Federal Mint.’
    • ‘The nominal value of the coin is 1.95583 leva, the exact equivalent of one euro according to the fixed exchange rate under the currency board arrangement.’
    1. 1.1 The price of a share, bond, or stock when it was issued, rather than its current market value.
      • ‘Maltby argues that the general fall in nominal values of shares, combined with a declining use of uncalled capital, had a significant impact during the last third of the 19th century.’
      • ‘It will cut the nominal value of each consolidated share from HK $5 to HK $0.01 by cancelling HK $4.99 from the paid-up capital on each consolidated share.’
      • ‘The bonds had a total nominal value of Rp 300 billion.’
      • ‘The shareholders decided to split the stock, changing the nominal value of each share from 35 leva to 1 lev, thus increasing the number of shares from 8.25 million to 288.76 million.’
      • ‘The company will offer 150 000 shares with a nominal value of 10 leva and an issue price of 30 leva each.’