Definition of noisemaker in English:



North American
  • A device for making a loud noise at a festivity or sports match.

    • ‘Guests at the celebration in southern Afghanistan were said to be firing weapons off like noisemakers, in keeping with ethnic tradition, when they were, mistakenly, attacked by U.S. forces.’
    • ‘The first rule never prevented Mississippi State fans from smuggling in cowbells, but home teams now can be penalized if their fans disrupt play with noisemakers.’
    • ‘Needless to say bring your cowbells, noisemakers, and pots and pans with you if you decide to attend.’
    • ‘At the end of the performance, there was an awards ceremony in which each child was presented with a gold medal, and then the whole group danced into the audience with noisemakers and confetti.’
    • ‘Instead, they gradually fell into a sullen silence, their noisemakers clacked to a dead stop, and the truculent trumpet blasts were shushed.’
    • ‘We strung up balloons and I bought party hats and noisemakers.’
    • ‘Horns blew, noisemakers made noise, confetti exploded from the poppers and the champagne was opened.’
    • ‘Whoops and blasts from noisemakers greet every slide.’
    • ‘Get out those noisemakers and chill the champagne, because today is the last day of the Fiscal Year!’
    • ‘‘I'm buying goodie bags and paper noisemakers,’ she told me.’
    • ‘Bells are traditional, but drums, rattles, flutes, and other noisemakers work, each with its own voice and effect.’
    • ‘The children are doubling up with laughter, pointing at each other gleefully as the clowns knock their noisemakers on their little heads as they run past.’
    • ‘Kyle, Christian, Kelly, Nicole and Mark were providing the entertainment by scattering confetti and blowing noisemakers.’
    • ‘We awarded candy bars for correct answers, and the noisemakers we handed out, coupled with team spirit, made this presentation an event to remember.’
    • ‘Bring your banners, your noisemakers and housewarming gifts.’
    • ‘All around us, Berliners were letting off fireworks, firecrackers, noisemakers and rockets, and none too cautiously.’
    • ‘Everyone's got their noisemakers ready; Jo was insane enough to get them for everyone, including her younger brother and his girlfriend, who are also with us.’
    • ‘I'm off to buy annoying noisemakers and silly hats and lots of liquor so I will not have any inhibitions about using the annoying noisemakers and silly hats.’
    • ‘Tom and Alanna were putting together platters full of snacks, Kristen was decorating the house with streamers and balloons, and Tom and Rachel were sent into town to buy soda and noisemakers.’
    • ‘Most notably, Leo reveals a deeper fascination with all things percussive - rarely does a track not feature noisemakers or tambourines rattling around somewhere in the mix.’