Definition of node of Ranvier in English:

node of Ranvier

(also Ranvier's node)


  • A gap in the myelin sheath of a nerve, between adjacent Schwann cells.

    • ‘Another node of Ranvier more clearly shows the dark axon as it continues through the node.’
    • ‘Myelin is wrapped around the axon in building blocks interrupted by distinct gaps, called Ranvier's nodes.’
    • ‘Mammalian vertebrates may also have the morphological equivalent of the septate junction where Schwann cells link to nerve axons at the node of Ranvier.’
    • ‘Subsequently, the wire is moved until the bared part is positioned at the next node of Ranvier, the voltage at the neural electrode is recorded again, and so on.’
    • ‘The myelin sheath around an axon is interrupted at regular intervals known as the nodes of Ranvier.’


Late 19th century: named after Louis Antoine Ranvier (1835–1922), French histologist.


node of Ranvier