Definition of nodal in English:



  • 1technical Denoting a point in a network or diagram at which lines or pathways intersect or branch.

    ‘pencil lines overlap at some nodal points’
    ‘Lwow is a nodal point for the railroads’
    • ‘The General Hospital, Chennai, was then a nodal centre for smallpox eradication.’
    • ‘The fountains are situated at nodal points in the garden.’
    • ‘The New Orleans region is a particularly critical nodal point in the US economy.’
    • ‘Transportation must fall under a single nodal agency, which may even be the State Government.’
    • ‘Cities normally grew and flourished as nodal points on trade routes.’
    • ‘The Chief Secretary was the nodal point of the administration.’
    • ‘Try to see this more as a nodal point, where people with similar attitudes towards the institutions of power can meet each other.’
    • ‘Musical events have long been seen as nodal points around which sentiments of collective belonging take shape.’
    • ‘The Home Ministry will be the nodal agency.’
    • ‘This alien-ness is at once personal and collective, local and global, nodal and networked.’
    • ‘She is Director of a nodal agency that funds hundreds of small groups involved in peace-building in Northern Ireland.’
    • ‘The new Victoria site joins 57 other nodal sites in cities around the world.’
  • 2Botany
    Relating to the part of a plant stem from which one or more leaves emerge, often forming a slight swelling.

    ‘the nodal roots develop about an inch above the seed’
    • ‘Nodal root development is inhibited by hot, dry compact soils.’
    • ‘The nodal roots present appear stubby, blunt, and are not anchored to the soil.’
    • ‘Affected plants lack all or most nodal roots.’
    • ‘Since leaf areas at individual nodes were recorded, it was possible to detect the change in nodal and whole plant leaf area during the phases of damage and recovery.’
    • ‘Plants regenerated from potato nodal explants treated with H2O2 are significantly more thermotolerant than control plants.’
    • ‘Although the seminal roots continue to function throughout most of the plant's life, their most important contribution comes before the nodal roots are established.’
  • 3Anatomy
    Relating to or characterized by a lymph node or other structure consisting of a small mass of differentiated tissue.

    ‘nodal lymphoma’
    • ‘It has a long tradition of use for tumor reduction and lymphatic drainage, especially indicated when cancer has nodal involvement.’
    • ‘The network contains two principal nodal sequences, N1 and N2.’
    • ‘He was noted to be hypotensive and have a nodal rhythm with no atrial activity at 30 beats/min.’
    • ‘The therapeutic value is controversial but would be limited to patients with nodal metastases.’
    • ‘With clinical evidence of nodal disease it is clear that the neck requires treatment, traditionally in the form of a neck dissection.’
    • ‘Nodal metastases were identified in 3 cases; however, none showed distant metastases.’
    • ‘We identified 5 cases of nodal follicular lymphoma in the literature.’
    • ‘Tumor may demonstrate spread into the liver, nodal system or venous system.’
    • ‘She had extensive nodal disease in her abdomen.’
    • ‘Verapamil and diltiazem both slow AV nodal conduction.’