Definition of nod off in English:

nod off

phrasal verb

  • Fall asleep, especially briefly or unintentionally:

    ‘he nodded off during the sermon’
    • ‘As the driver's head falls forward as he starts to nod off, the audible alarm is activated.’
    • ‘I ate a light breakfast and nodded off to asleep again, sleepy from the previous night's restlessness.’
    • ‘I thought I was going to fall asleep, but every time I began to nod off, my dad would elbow me slightly.’
    • ‘The road continues to unwind, and Frank nods off briefly, before snapping awake after a close call.’
    • ‘The defendant is very sorry for causing the fatal accident, Your Honour, it was unintentional, he nodded off whilst driving.’
    • ‘Eric was up an about this morning when we got up this morning before nodding off again and has been asleep for the last few hours.’
    • ‘After a while, the girls had quieted down enough for Shannon to fall asleep and for Sarah to start nodding off, yet again.’
    • ‘But for once she had nothing to lean against and she had the impression that if she nodded off anymore, she might possibly fall off her horse.’
    • ‘Find yourself nodding off at your desk by mid-afternoon, then failing asleep during your favorite TV show in the evening?’
    • ‘He admitted that he had nearly nodded off just before the crash.’
    fall asleep, go to sleep, get to sleep, doze off, drop off
    go off, drift off, crash out, flake out, go out like a light, conk out
    sack out, zone out
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