Definition of nociceptive in English:



  • Relating to or denoting pain arising from the stimulation of nerve cells (often as distinct from that arising from damage or disease in the nerves themselves)

    ‘as the extremity warms, heat sensitive nociceptive afferents are stimulated’
    • ‘As well, acute pain tends to be a direct result of nociceptive stimulation due to musculoskeletal injury compared to chronic pain, which is more often related to supratentorial processing of neuropathic stimuli.’
    • ‘The labrum may also participate in nociceptive and proprioceptive mechanisms as free nerve endings and sensory end organs have been identified in its superficial layers.’
    • ‘The other afferent nerve fibers are the nociceptive fibers, including myclinated A [delta] fibers and unmyelinated slowly conducting C fibers with cell bodies in the jugular ganglia.’
    • ‘Local anesthetics also alter transmission of nociceptive impulses by blocking afferent sensory fibers.’
    • ‘The end result of this vasomotor instability is compression of the capillaries and the nociceptive and pain-transmitting nerve endings.’


Early 20th century: from Latin nocere ‘to harm’ + receptive.