Definition of noble-mindedness in English:



  • See noble-minded

    • ‘It brought out the very best in people: altruism, tolerance, noble-mindedness, and openness to others.’
    • ‘Critics have often been content to interpret this scene as evidence of Hartmut's noble-mindedness that will not permit him to do anything dishonourable.’
    • ‘They are expected to set examples of noble-mindedness, and therefore money should not be the key element from which they derive confidence and motivation.’
    • ‘In Japan, children from the age of three or four, using tiny violins, develop high sensibility and noble-mindedness through the music of Bach and Mozart.’
    • ‘His goal was always the cultivation of a high-flown noble-mindedness after the pattern of Ancient Rome.’
    integrity, principle, honour, honourableness, morals, morality, uprightness, right-mindedness, decency, goodness, honesty, righteousness, rectitude, probity, virtue, nobility, scrupulousness, incorruptibility
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