Definition of noble-minded in English:



  • Having an honourable, generous character.

    ‘the mighty sacrifice made by those noble-minded men for the good of our country’
    • ‘It has pushed the idea that corporations are simply noble-minded job creation engines, that realize the importance of working for the sustainablity of our society.’
    • ‘In this time of rap-rock, movies like I Am Sam, which is gentle, heartwarming and noble-minded, don't stand much of a chance.’
    • ‘It would be stupid to ignore the extent to which the industry's confluence of interests with the most reactionary forces corrupts the products of even its most noble-minded artists.’
    • ‘In the pursuit of wealth the noble-minded individual comes under the sway of an alien power.’
    • ‘Beethoven was blunt, irascible, and ambitious, though good-natured, noble-minded, and idealistic.’
    • ‘I find it impossible to subject myself to aesthetic outpourings about the beauty of landscapes on the part of noble-minded and sensitive persons whose prejudices prevent them from going to the theater.’
    • ‘A person cannot be called noble-minded if he or she cares nothing about others.’
    • ‘Equality ought to make men noble-minded.’
    • ‘Reports had preceded her which even if they had been unfounded would have thrown any noble-minded woman into agonies of distress.’
    • ‘Condorcet was undoubtedly a most sincere, generous and noble-minded man.’
    high-principled, principled, honourable, moral, upright, upstanding, right-minded, right-thinking, good, honest, decent, ethical, righteous, virtuous, worthy, idealistic
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