Definition of noble-born in English:



  • Belonging by birth to the aristocracy.

    ‘the noble-born Lady Mary Hamilton’
    • ‘This movement in turn stirred democratic tendencies within the clergy, and throughout the century dissident priests pressed for ordinary parish clergy to exercise more power in an institution controlled mostly by noble-born bishops.’
    • ‘Book 1 introduces us to the teenage Count Branaric and Countess Meliara of Tlanth: noble-born, but left by their dead father in a cold, rundown castle with insufficient means to pay taxes to Galdran, the corrupt ruler of the kingdom of Remalna.’
    • ‘If you're unfamiliar with the play, it's been described as a 'deconstruction of the idea of love' examining and re-examining what makes people fall in love, at least according to 17th century noble-born sensibilities.’
    • ‘My girls have had their feminine education, of course, since they are noble-born, but most of the women here are anything but!’
    • ‘Lucas (the sword-wielding, noble-born knight-guy with whom I completed the game) has, for instance, a power that slowly regenerates health over a period of time.’
    • ‘In Shakespearean texts, the speeches (and often, the dialogue) of noble-born characters are written in blank verse.’