Definition of nobiliary particle in English:

nobiliary particle


  • A preposition forming part of a title of the nobility (e.g. French de, German von).

    • ‘Anyone who is born to a noble father inherits noble status, and the nobiliary particle prefixed to the surname identifies that status.’
    • ‘As the question of the use of nobiliary particles like de in French or von, van, etc. was asked, when the surname is not preceded by the first name, the Germans have the same standard - no particle and no capitalisation in any case.’
    • ‘With the help of the nobiliary particle ‘de,’ he probably attached to his own surname of Landry the name of his property.’
    • ‘He is knighted by the King of Sweden and obtains the right to add to his name a nobiliary particle, either the Germanic ‘von Dardel’ or the French ‘de Dardel’, as he fancies.’
    • ‘Among the winners of the first round of voting, there are quite a few names with the nobiliary particles ‘bai’ and ‘bek.’’