Definition of no time in English:

no time


  • A very short interval or period.

    ‘the renovations were done in no time’
    • ‘In no time at all the fiddler was able to retrieve what was left of his leg and a great cheer went up from the dancers.’
    • ‘In no time at all there were far too many commentary posts for anyone to read them all.’
    • ‘Basically all this juggling means there is little or no time to put anything back.’
    • ‘In no time the heap had heated up so much that it was difficult to keep your hand in it for more than a few seconds.’
    • ‘It takes no time at all to prepare and is a hearty and satisfying autumn or winter meal.’
    • ‘In no time at all the firths were fishless deserts and the sea a cemetery without memorials.’
    • ‘It takes no time to scrub and debeard the things when you've got a host of hands and a few glasses of wine on the go.’
    • ‘It's also a doddle to make and takes no time to cook, especially if you grate the carrot.’
    • ‘In no time I was dragging my suitcase outside, joining my family on our journey back home.’
    • ‘In no time at all we were at Poole and after a chat and cup of tea off to bed.’