Definition of no place in English:

no place


North American
  • Nowhere.

    • ‘I had no connection to anything and it felt as though there was no place for me to fit.’
    • ‘Sidewalk vendors who have no place to sell lunches and snacks have nowhere to turn.’
    • ‘We must buy or rent land and the building that sits upon it, or we have no place we can go.’
    • ‘At night, especially, you feel that no place on earth is so completely of its time.’
    • ‘She knew she was caught and there was no place to go but she was not going to go quietly.’
    • ‘He added that had any of the women he approached agreed to be photographed he had no place in mind to take them.’
    • ‘They can see that in a few weeks down the road, they may have no place to bury their dead.’
    • ‘With plenty to do off the mountains, there is definitely no place like home.’
    • ‘There would be no place for those who say they want their British heritage.’
    • ‘There is no place that would be or should be immune from its influence and control.’


no place

/ˈnəʊ ˌpleɪs/