Definition of no object in English:

no object


  • Not influencing or restricting choices or decisions.

    ‘a tycoon for whom money is no object’
    • ‘Distance is no object to Magic Maintenance who offer reasonable and competitive rates for the services provided.’
    • ‘I don't know if he was in a different town at the time, but even if he was, this is a man to whom the money or means to get to her bedside would have been no object!’
    • ‘It has to have at least six bedrooms and it's fair to say that money is no object.’
    • ‘Granite World cover the entire region with distance no object.’
    • ‘But the accounts refer to before the English Civil War when he organised journeys for Buckingham and his Royal friends - with expense no object.’
    • ‘I have to say that if money was no object and I had my choice of notebook computers, the T41p would be at the very top of my list.’
    • ‘A number of councillors have staked their reputations on getting this project done, and in that respect, the cost to the ratepayer is no object.’
    • ‘With money no object, the 600-acre grounds were no less spectacular, with soil specially imported from the mainland to create a wooded landscape on a virtually treeless island.’
    • ‘Price is no object; if it's wonderful, we'll pay whatever you ask.’