Definition of no go in English:

no go


  • Impossible, hopeless, or forbidden.

    ‘I tried to start the engine again, but it was no go’
    • ‘They say the area has become a no-go zone for buses after 3.30 pm after vehicles were attacked by stone-throwing yobs - some thought to be just six years old.’
    • ‘The so-called Sunni Triangle west of Baghdad is now a no-go zone.’
    • ‘So, we're not going to take back these no-go zones.’
    • ‘The men, who were carrying explosives, were crawling in a no-go zone near the border fence with Israel when soldiers opened fire, the army said.’
    • ‘Residents regularly complain about their neighbourhoods becoming no-go zones because of groups of juveniles around the streets drinking, swearing and becoming abusive.’
    • ‘He said: ‘We want to dispel the myth that Temple Hill Square is a no-go zone.’’
    • ‘What specifically would he do in these so-called no-go zones?’
    • ‘Certain boroughs in that area are almost no go for my colleagues with shootings reported everyday.’
    • ‘In any case, large parts of the region could become a no go zone for the ‘legitimate’ government.’
    • ‘Today, the city is a no-go zone surrounded by United States marines.’
    • ‘The area is becoming a no-go zone - properties that used to be nice can't be let.’
    • ‘The police tell us categorically that there is no such thing as a no go zone.’
    • ‘Two weeks before the Italy's general election, parts of Italy became no go, as cars were banned to protect the environment.’
    • ‘Around town, much of the Central Business District is also a no go zone, with strips of orange and yellow bunting restricting access to sections of footpaths, roads and car parks.’
    • ‘There are certain no-go subjects: religion; politics; other people's kids; holidays; home improvements.’
    • ‘Highway 8, between Baghdad and Hillah is also considered a no go route by humanitarian organisations.’
    taboo, censored, forbidden, banned, interdicted, proscribed, prohibited, not to be spoken of, ineffable, unspeakable, unutterable, unprintable, indescribable, out of bounds, beyond the pale, off limits, that dare not speak its name, disapproved of, frowned on
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