Definition of no-platforming in English:



mass nounBritish
  • The action or practice of preventing someone holding views regarded as unacceptable or offensive from contributing to a public debate or meeting.

    ‘the feminist activist and writer has hit out at the no-platforming of controversial speakers at universities’
    as modifier ‘it was the latest in a series of no-platforming incidents’
    • ‘She was persecuted for signing a round robin that was critical of no-platforming.’
    • ‘A moral panic over inflated claims of 'no-platforming' reflects a persistent, deep resistance to diversity in intellectual and public life.’
    • ‘I oppose no-platforming, bans and censorship—except if a person resorts to threats, harassment, or violence.’
    • ‘She said the "no-platforming of this speaker is madness" and argued that it "points to bigger problems when this generation rules the world".’
    • ‘By refusing to accept the challenges of the real world, no-platforming enthusiasts merely throw away opportunities to develop their own arguments and improve their efficacy.’
    • ‘The panic over self-proclaimed "no-platforming" has little to do with free expression, but everything to do with power.’
    • ‘In a statement, the group accuses Student Unions of "resorting to censorship and no-platforming" rather than allowing students to challenge extreme views themselves.’
    • ‘In the student movement, the idea of no-platforming was also applied to non-fascists—including those putting forward racist and sexist ideas.’