Definition of no-mark in English:



  • An unimportant, unsuccessful, or worthless person.

    ‘a bunch of glue-sniffing no-marks with underfed dogs on strings’
    • ‘But the slightly futile gesture of outwitting corporate no-marks is more than offset by the final scene.’
    • ‘When you're that kind of player, it must be so fun to play against no-marks who fall for every stepover, trick, flick and shimmy.’
    • ‘So let's lay off Tim and just hope in the fullness of time he becomes a much better commentator than some of the other no-marks who qualify as pundits during Wimbledon.’
    • ‘You had to drag in this bunch of no-marks to make up the numbers!’
    • ‘Why is everyone getting into such an excitable lather over the predictable remarks of a no-mark?’
    • ‘Scott Murray is a bit worried that he's going to be horribly let down again if another no-mark triumphs.’
    • ‘Whole Wide World is one of the first songs a bunch of scruffy young teenage no-marks ever played in public, down in Lower Salthill.’
    • ‘Sheridan was never going to do to him what he did to the Aussie no-mark the week before.’
    • ‘On arrival, his black Buick LaCrosse circled the car park looking for a spot after some low-ranked no-mark planted his jeep in Woods' space.’


1980s: perhaps from the idea of performing badly at school.