Definition of no-hoper in English:



  • A person who is not expected to be successful.

    ‘they wasted their nominations on a no-hoper’
    • ‘He has transformed the team from no-hopers into a side who shocked the world by beating Ukraine in a play-off, making this Alpine republic of 1.8 million people the smallest nation yet to reach the finals.’
    • ‘Certainly, if you read most of the previews for this year's championship, we were no-hopers.’
    • ‘She adopted as ‘her boys’ the men a prison system had classified as no-hopers.’
    • ‘It's already too obvious that, apart from him, all the managers are a bunch of no-hopers.’
    • ‘If anyone doubted the importance of the psyche in sporting matters, then the ability of last season's no-hopers to defeat two of the big five of World rugby is testament to the power of positive thinking.’
    • ‘Based on a true story, the film tells how a racehorse dismissed as a no-hoper, ridden by a hot-tempered loser, and owned by a grieving businessman, won the hearts of a nation.’
    • ‘We have spent so long listening to them telling us we are stupid, lazy no-hopers that the majority of my people actually believe it.’
    • ‘It would be difficult if I only had poor horses and I was only struggling with no-hopers.’
    • ‘Some commentators have a track record of cranking up public expectation, hyping up athletes who, in the wider scheme of things, are no-hopers; however most are sober and reserved.’
    • ‘The show tells the story of the Wheatsheaf Arms, a bunch of no-hopers playing amateur Rugby League in Hull.’
    • ‘Then again I have an obsessive interest in political no-hopers.’
    • ‘So this year, good teams like Mumbai and Baroda did not have to waste their time playing absolute no-hopers in the first round.’
    • ‘‘They went there as no-hopers and gave a very good account of themselves, but they had probably passed their prime,’ Reidy said.’
    • ‘I suspect he and countless others will be a little bit more cautious next time before writing us off as no-hopers!’
    • ‘When I was young, my mum used to tell me there were two types of people in our street - the no-hopers and the hard workers.’
    • ‘They were written off as World Cup no-hopers by their own media; until everything clicked against New Zealand.’
    • ‘Indeed, the Lions were written off by many observers as no-hopers.’
    • ‘This is because they will shape policy to benefit the clients they see most - the no-hopers, the drug addicts, the persistent street kids, the unemployable.’
    • ‘Officially, all right-thinking people have forsworn racism, now believed to fester principally among the no-hopers on rough estates.’
    • ‘Put it this way: no county will dismiss them as no-hopers next year, but first we must do well now.’
    failure, disappointment, let-down, loser, non-achiever, ne'er-do-well
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