Definition of no-claims bonus in English:

no-claims bonus

(also no-claims discount)


  • A reduction in the premium charged for insurance when no claim has been made during an agreed preceding period.

    • ‘The main burden is met by the owners themselves, who could see their premiums soar and their no-claims bonus disappear.’
    • ‘They are calm and careful with money but will line their insurer's pockets as they frequently lose their no-claims bonus.’
    • ‘Unlike car insurance, house insurance does not apply no-claims bonuses, therefore making a claim should not affect your premium - unless you go and claim something every week.’
    • ‘And paying to protect your no-claims bonus can be money well spent (though read the small print, not all companies have the same rules).’
    • ‘Buying insurance in a parent's name will stop a teenager building up a no-claims discount, which will have a far greater effect on future premiums.’
    • ‘Although eight months pregnant and with a four-year-old in the back, fortunately there were no injuries and not that much damage and, since it was clearly not our fault, our no-claims discount was not affected.’
    • ‘While it is currently possible to move no-claims discounts from a motorcycle to a car, it does not work the other way round.’
    • ‘Car repairs are very costly these days and I don't want to claim on my insurance and lose my no-claims bonus.’
    • ‘The bad news for motorists is that with or without a no-claims bonus the cost of insuring your car will rise by up to 20 per cent when your policy is renewed.’
    • ‘We already have a law for motor insurance, requiring renewal notices and no-claims bonuses to be issued 21 days prior to the renewal date.’
    • ‘The best way to protect your privilege rating is to take out insurance on your no-claims bonus.’
    • ‘Over half of all drivers have the full no-claims discount.’
    • ‘In these cases, reasonable motorists will often admit their fault and pay out of their own pockets to save claiming against their insurance, with consequent loss of no-claims bonus.’
    • ‘Piggybacking on parents' insurance is another way for teenagers to cut costs, but it can double the parents' premium, and young drivers cannot accrue no-claims bonuses.’
    • ‘It is so expensive that a driver starting now is looking at £4,500 until they have built up a no-claims bonus.’
    • ‘And people involved in a crash with an uninsured driver often end up having to pay the excess on their own policy and losing their valuable no-claims bonus.’
    • ‘I would like it not to be my fault, so some other driver's insurance company picks up the bill and my no-claims bonus remains intact.’
    • ‘However, you have been sent a cheque for £75 as a goodwill gesture and hopefully the remaining matter of no-claims bonuses will shortly be sorted out.’
    • ‘She's never caused an accident since learning to drive at 17, so she has the maximum no-claims discount.’
    • ‘One problem with being a named driver on somebody else's policy is that your daughter will not build up a no-claims bonus, which will make it more expensive when she wants to take out her own policy.’


no-claims bonus