Definition of Niuean in English:



  • A native or inhabitant of Niue, an island territory in the South Pacific.

    ‘the Niueans found themselves in an extremely insecure position’
    • ‘Niueans do not have a strong interest in preserving their history by collecting artifacts or through oral storytelling or the recitation of genealogies.’
    • ‘The party has reacted to her visit to Niue by accusing her of a $20 million shopping spree in an effort to "buy the votes" of Niueans in New Zealand.’
    • ‘By June 2003, the company was able to offer Niueans free wireless Internet, via a series of towers on the island.’
    • ‘The Herald favoured returning Niue to direct New Zealand rule, despite the fact that most Niueans adamantly opposed this.’
    • ‘There are more Cook Islanders and Niueans in Auckland than anywhere else in the world - including their home islands.’
    • ‘Until around 1960, Niueans had a poorly developed concept of their island as constituting a distinct culture or nation.’
    • ‘She was a Niuean who went to Samoa in the mid-nineteenth century and later returned with Samoan missionaries.’
    • ‘Niueans kept their New Zealand citizenship, where 20,000 now live.’
    • ‘Niueans over age 18 get two votes.’
    • ‘Most foreigners are expatriates who provide technical advice to the government or have married Niueans.’


  • Relating to Niue or its people.

    ‘the Niuean education system’
    • ‘The Association has so far taken no interest in the dispute or the fate of the Niuean teachers' jobs.’
    • ‘The Niuean education system operates under the requirements of the New Zealand education and qualifications structures, and New Zealand teachers often travel to Niue for periods of work.’
    • ‘The Niuean language is related to other western Polynesian languages, such as Samoan and Tongan, with slight pronunciation differences between the Motu and Tafiti moieties and different spelling conventions.’
    • ‘The two members of the Niuean delegation will be the Premier and his personal assistant.’
    • ‘Niuean society is a gerontocracy based on obedience to and respect for those who are older than oneself.’
    • ‘Of the two I made, this one is more tribal as it features Niuean symbols.’
    • ‘A small painting of a Niuean landscape adorns one wall.’
    • ‘There is much to be said about my love for hiapo, the traditional Niuean barkcloth covered in freehand painted symbols.’
    • ‘I know that the Niuean people remember him fondly for the relationship they had with him.’
    • ‘The funds will be given directly to the Niuean government in the form of a bank draft.’