Definition of nitrophilous in English:



  • (of a plant) preferring soils rich in nitrogen.

    • ‘Nitrogen compounds from automobile exhausts and other fuels contribute to this type of atmosphere and probably account for the relative abundance of several nitrophilous lichen species in city parks and along streets.’
    • ‘Directly beneath Wartburg Castle, nitrophilous pioneer woodlands dominated by Maplespecies have developed due to the tradition of waste deposition in former times.’
    • ‘It is dominated by nitrophilous forbs like Artemisia vulgaris, Cirsium arvense, Urtica dioica, and Melissa romana.’
    • ‘Such conditions support the strong dominance of such tall competitive nitrophilous species.’
    • ‘A statistically significant increase in nitrophilous lichen coverage was observed on trees near feedlot operations when compared to trees located at a greater distance.’