Definition of nitrobenzene in English:



mass nounChemistry
  • A yellow oily liquid made by nitrating benzene, used in chemical synthesis.

    Chemical formula: C₆H₅NO₂

    • ‘Benzene and nitrobenzene are heavier than water and they are settling on the river bottom or sticking to the ice.’
    • ‘Aniline is manufactured by reduction of nitrobenzene, using hydrogen gas and a copper catalyst, or using iron, water, and hydrochloric acid for the reduction.’
    • ‘Prof Barbour says that because these cavities are closed off, with no pores leading out, it was a surprise to notice gas bubbles escape from the crystals after they were submerged in nitrobenzene.’
    • ‘When nitrobenzene is nitrated with nitric and sulfuric acids, for example, 93 percent of the substituted groups end up at meta positions.’
    • ‘Most commercial furniture polishes come in aerosol form and may also contain harmful additives, including phenol and nitrobenzene, both of which are on the EPA's list of toxic chemicals.’