Definition of nitro group in English:

nitro group


  • A group —NO₂, attached to an organic group in a molecule.

    • ‘The twisted geometry of the nitro group with respect to the aromatic plane plays a key role in triggering such a photoprocess.’
    • ‘Dyes are prepared by a nitration addition reaction to aniline, followed by reduction of the nitro group using sodium sulfide.’
    • ‘Yet, replacement of a sulfonic acid group in a non-mutagen with the nitro group in structure 4 converts it to a mutagen, which was predicted correctly by all the models.’
    • ‘Accumulation of nitrotyrosine, a stable product of the addition of a nitro group to the benzene ring of tyrosine by peroxynitrite is thus a stable marker of pathology within cells and tissue lesions.’
    • ‘The most widely used method of preparing aromatic amines, for example, involves a nitration of the aromatic ring and subsequent conversion of the nitro group to an amino group.’