Definition of nitrification in English:



  • See nitrify

    • ‘Current research has shown an increase in soil acidification through anthropogenic effects including acid precipitation and nitrification of ammoniacal fertilizers.’
    • ‘Oxygen production by benthic microalgae enhanced rates of, and coupling between, nitrification and denitrification when ammonium was not limiting, resulting in significant loss of nitrogen from sediments as dinitrogen gas.’
    • ‘Cultivation generally increases net nitrification through liming, aeration, enhanced ammonium levels, and lower immobilization.’
    • ‘Other reactions unique to life, except at extremely high temperatures and pressures, include nitrogen fixation, nitrification and denitrification, sulphate and sulphur reduction, and methane formation.’
    • ‘A dynamic model takes into consideration rapid chemical reactions, eg chemical weathering, nutrient uptake and nitrification.’