Definition of nitride in English:



  • A binary compound of nitrogen with a more electropositive element.

    • ‘Titanium increases the efficiency of niobium because it combines with the nitrogen-forming titanium nitrides, thus preventing the formation of niobium nitrides.’
    • ‘Today's silicon steels use MnS as the grain growth inhibitor, but other compounds, such as carbides, oxides, or nitrides, are also effective.’
    • ‘The barrier may be a thin film containing at least one of a nitride, oxide, boride, silicide, carbide and aluminide.’
    • ‘It is interesting to note that this is also true of a number of nitrides and borides.’
    • ‘Precipitation of aluminum nitride may also play an important role in this type of fracture.’


[with object]usually as noun nitriding
  • Heat (steel) in the presence of ammonia or other nitrogenous material so as to increase hardness and corrosion resistance.

    • ‘Carbonitriding is a modified form of gas carburizing, rather than a form of nitriding.’
    • ‘A roof-area cross-member is nitrided (bonding titanium and nitrogen to the parent steel after stamping) to raise its tensile strength to 145,000 lbs/sq.-in.’
    • ‘When these steels are nitrided the aluminum forms AlN particles, which strain the ferrite lattice and create strengthening dislocations.’
    • ‘Nitrogen may be introduced into the surface of the steel by nitriding.’


Mid 19th century: from nitre + -ide.