Definition of nitric acid in English:

nitric acid


mass nounChemistry
  • A colourless or pale yellow corrosive poisonous liquid acid with strong oxidizing properties, made in the laboratory by distilling nitrates with sulphuric acid.

    Chemical formula: HNO₃

    • ‘When ammonia is reacted with nitric acid, ammonium nitrate is produced.’
    • ‘Ether can be oxidized by nitric acid to produce ethanoic acid.’
    • ‘In a second method, toluene is mixed with nitric acid and oxidized to produce benzoic acid.’
    • ‘A nitronium ion, made by treating nitric acid with sulfuric acid, is the electrophile.’
    • ‘Oxidizing acids such as nitric acid or strong sulphuric acid cannot be handled with copper alloys.’


nitric acid