Definition of nisi in English:



  • postpositive (of a decree, order, or rule) that takes effect or is valid only after certain conditions are met.

    ‘an order nisi’
    See also decree nisi
    • ‘It does, in my argument or my submission, give rise to a proper application for an order nisi for mandamus.’
    • ‘Certainly, insofar as the order nisi seeks writs of mandamus and certiorari, it is outside of the time limit.’
    • ‘Then, if the case stated were satisfactory, the order nisi could be granted on that day.’
    • ‘I do not think you can even grant an order nisi if the privative clause operates, can you?’
    • ‘This Court will not hear applications for orders nisi comprising three Justices.’


Mid 19th century: from Latin, literally ‘unless’.