Definition of Nishga in English:


(also Niska)


  • 1A member of a branch of the Tsimshian people of British Columbia inhabiting the Nass River basin.

    • ‘He taught the Nishga how to use it, and he translated the Gospels into English and Nishga - it was a great step in education.’
    • ‘In an historic split decision, the Supreme Court in 1973 technically ruled against the Nishga.’
  • 2mass noun The dialect of Tsimshian spoken by the Nishga.


  • Relating to the Nishga or their language.

    • ‘She has been teaching her the techniques of Haida and Nishga weaving since 1993.’
    • ‘It is with great interest that I read his’ argument in favor of the Nishga agreement, although with many reservations.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, it was one of the Niska performances I happened to miss… I can't remember why.’
    • ‘The union says their claim is for actual compensation for lost lands while the Nishga case involves legal title land.’


From nisqá’a, the name in Nishga.