Definition of Nirvana principle in English:

Nirvana principle


  • Yearning for a state of oblivion, as a manifestation of the death instinct.

    • ‘The pleasure principle seeks satiation, the release of tension - which is why the Nirvana principle, the drive towards total quiescence, still belongs to it.’
    • ‘This alternative reality principle and conception of subjectivity also finds expression in Freud's notion of the Nirvana principle, which holds that all instincts aim at rest, quiescence and the absence of pain.’
    • ‘To summarize, with the principle of constancy Freud tries to rescue drives from being absorbed to the death drive - an absorption to which the Nirvana principle or the principle of inertia logically leads.’
    • ‘This ‘materialist’ vision is alos moral and is secretly directed by Law, an instance of sublimation and repression, and hence the finality of a resolution of these instincts either in the transgression of this Law (the pleasure principle) or in repression (Nirvana principle).’
    • ‘Before the seminar turns to Freud's writings on religion and monotheism we will read a key book for the development of psychoanalysis, especially the concepts of the Nirvana principle or the Death Drive: Schopenhauer's seminal work on The World as Will and Representation.’